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THU, OCT 27, 2016

7:00P - 10:30P

25th Street Recording Studio - Oakland

We are bringing you the flamenco-tinged combo Barrio Manouche, the most exciting addition to the Bay Area Gypsy swing scene. From the swing of Louis Armstrong & Sidney Bechet, to the hot jazz of Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli, to the flamenco firepower of Paco de Lucía & Camarón, to the avant garde sounds of Ornette Coleman & John Coltrane... Barrio's sound is difficult to classify but instantly inspiring.

25th Street Recording is a world-class music recording facility niched in the heart of downtown Oakland. It features many specialized construction techniques that make it one of the quietest, best sounding studios in the world.

What's in it for you: as a doubleOone member, you will attend a 4 hour recording session in a state of the art studio, and share this unique moment with a band as they record a track, and work together to reach excellence.

You will be in the recording room with the musicians as they play, next to the percussions, facing the bass and guitar players, and surrounded by a violinist and saxophonist. You will find that studios are sanctuaries, places where time flows at its own natural pace, and where true inspiration is captured in sound and music.

If you are a musician yourself, we might even have a surprise for you. The recording is followed by a cultural chat and a Q&A session, addressing creativity, emotional labor, art and life choices, communication,  practice, inspiration, achievements and the road to one's true calling, ambition and mastery.

*Our recording sessions standards: you will attend the recording session with a small doubleOone group (only 20-25 spots available/recording), and engage in creating genuine music. Catering and wine will be served.

Line up: 

Javi Jimenez: guitars

Alex Zelnick: guitars

Luis Jimenez: percussions

Marcos Odara: percussions

Scott Lindorfer: bass

Magali Sanscartier: violin

Cyril Guiraud: soprano saxophone

Patrice Servantes: percussion and flamenco guitar



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