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Thu June 27, 2019

7P - 10P

25th Street Recording Studio

Courtois Erdmann Fincker 

Vincent Courtois, Daniel Erdmann and Robin Fincker are coming from Paris to Oakland to record their new album inspired by the works of Jack London. Hosted at 25th Street recording studios by doubleOone and recorded by Gérard de Haro from La Buissonne over the course of 2 days, the cello and saxes trio will deliver their latest creation.

You will receive a personalized Studio Pass with details after purchasing your ticket(s). You can choose to gift the 001 Experience at check out as well.

*Our recording sessions standards: you will attend the recording session with a small doubleOone group (only 30-35 spots available). Snacks, beer and wine will be served. Spots are very limited, book now.

Looking forward to hosting you.

Thank You

the doubleOone Team

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Jacques Denis in “Liberation” : «  for over twenty years, his path – from classical conservatoire to free improvisation, from aesthetic song to all sorts of soundtracks – says it all: Vincent Courtois is more than a wonderful cellist. With this trio  he signs an original piece of work, far from the constraints of pre-calibrated formats. -The trio  is an  unprecedented combination of “middle range” instruments that share the central tessitura and axial timbre of the cello, rather like twins. "

Notes from Vincent :  "I discovered Jack London fairly recently – in August 2016: first “South Sea Tales” then the seminal, indispensable “Martin Eden”.This dense, semi autobiographical work, so powerful so rich, has been by my side ever since. In my daily life, a companion on my travels and an inspiration to my music. That’s where I see Jack London’s real force as being: an intimate sensitive ability to reach into our lives with his own, to become the friend, brother, comrade in whose company each day brings a new story. Love of life, The road, To Build a Fire, The Sea Wolf, The Dream of Debs, Goliath, or The South of Slot – all these novels,  short stories and  collections have directly inspired a new repertoire, created to celebrate the 7th anniversary of my trio – giving it, in turn, the opportunity and the pleasure of telling stories and sharing emotions. « 

25th Street Recording is a world-class music recording facility niched in the heart of downtown Oakland. It features many specialized construction techniques that make it one of the quietest, best sounding studios in the world.

You will attend a 3 hour recording session in a state of the art studio, and share this unique moment with a band as they record their new album, and work together to reach excellence. You will be in the recording room with the musicians as they rehearse, play and record. You will find that studios are sanctuaries, places where time flows at its own natural pace, and where true inspiration is captured in sound and music.