For as long as we have recorded history, music is a universal human passion and need, woven into the fabric of our life experience during both the most joyful and difficult of times. Music captures our deepest feelings, and has the potential to move us in unexpected and powerful ways.


The oo1 experience is an ecstatic experience. It is a pathway to step outside of our comfort zone and current thinking, to set down individual egos and to work toward a common creative goal.  In this 3D (body, cognition, emotions) experience, individuals step out of a more disperate consciousness into a collective intelligence. There is a melding of purpose which results in feelings of collective confidence and solidarity. In this experience there are opportunities to capture, translate, and apply these insight into team development.  We partner with InspireCorps to help teams translate and install their experience to bring sustainable value over time.


In this work, the InspireCorps will translate the oo1 experience to reinforce and strengthen a foundation for modern teaming such as:


  1. Taking responsibility for creating success together: being fully aligned on priorities, recognizing progress, success and excellence in others

  2. Building credibility and integrity, trustworthiness: stepping in and doing your part, aligning promises to actions, providing unique value and owning your craft

  3. Developing tensility and epic teaming: building relationships through seeing the humanity in others and offering support and partnership especially when mistakes or failures happen- having one another’s back, showing humility and fallibility, vulnerability

  4. Learning forward: developing together and facilitating whole person growth, giving people discretion on how they do their work (autonomy, job crafting, reach aspirations), and inducing challenge stress (flow, stretch zone)